Transport Vehicles

When you need to move people, nothing gets the job done better than transport commercial vehicles from Club Car. Designed to carry from four to eight passengers, the Villager and Transporter series will deliver your customers in comfort and style.

Safety and reliability come standard with the Villager series: impact and UV resistant body panels with a 360 degree bumper system, plus specially-designed ergonomic seats that guarantee a comfortable ride. 

The Transporter series offers a wide range of factory configurations and options to ensure the commercial vehicle you select will be perfectly equipped to meet your specific needs.

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Commercial Vehicles

From efficient people movers to rugged utility vehicles and serious work truck applications, the Club Car line of business and commercial vehicles includes the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Our Transporter and Villager series can carry up to eight people (and their gear) in comfort and style, and our extensive line of utility 4x2s and 4x4s can be configured to handle any job. And if your work takes you through city streets, our exclusive Low-Speed Vehicles are legal on most roads with a speed limit of 35 mph or less.

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