We’re Sri Lanka’s number one Industrial Air Solutions Provider for over 30 years. Our achievements are based upon our commitment to:

•               Our customers

•               Service Excellence

•               Unmatched Product Installations in Sri Lanka

•               Factory trained technicians

•               Unmatched Product knowledge

We understand how critical our products are to our customers and we always focus on after sales service support.

We offer many other equipment that are related with Compressed air such as Pneumatic accessories, Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps, Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Packaging Solutions and also Electric Vehicles for Golf & Resorts.

So if you ever have a need for Compressed Air, Vacuum, Fluid Transfer, Material Handling or Transporting people/goods in your Resort or Golf Course, talk to the experts who knows the best solution for you in the market.

A monument of our long term commitment to Sri Lanka and our customers is our very own office building located in Papiliyana with an investment of over US$500,000 and over 12,000 sq feet, it’s 2nd home to over 60 employees.



Chairman’s Message



As a Maintenance Engineer in my early years for the entire Industrial & Construction product range for INGERSOLL-RAND, my vision was to operate my own company that will primarily focus on service & after sales support, as I believed it is the best way to grow & sustain a business.

I am proud to be one of the Pioneers in Sri Lanka for specializing in Rotary Screw & Centrifugal Industrial Air Compressors from the early 1980’s and I became personally known to almost every Maintenance Engineer in the Industry that utilized compressed Air for over 30 years. By a solid foundation which was laid with a lot of hard work and spending much time with customers and machine installations, it paved the way to expand the business in to many other areas such as Pneumatic Products, Vacuum Pumps, Fluid Handling Pumps, Nitrogen /Oxygen Generators, Electric Vehicles for Golf & Resorts and many more.

The people that have joined T-Jay over the years and still are with the company today are a testimony of our organizational culture, beliefs & achievements and I consider they are great assets to the company and are looked after well.

I am happy to mention that a major portion of our resources are invested in the service & parts departments. Our long term presence in the market and the unmatched after sales service we provide to our customers has made a huge impact on our business and that’s why customers makes us their first choice for the Products & Services that we offer.

Thank You,

Themiya Udalagama.